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Traffic to since launch

I figured I'd post some stats about traffic to the website since I launched it, for those curious.

Note: I don't currently know how sales are going for "No Greater Love Than This". So I don't know how these stats relate to book sales.

So, first, what did I do to promote my this site? Well, I posted messages on two websites for ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, letting them know about my story. This got me about 120 visits to the website.

I also heavily promoted my site on Twitter (which probably annoyed more than a few people) and Facebook. And I asked my friends and colleagues to do the same.

These social media posts account for about 900 visits, or the vast majority.

Finally, my friend Chris wrote a blog post that sent a few visitors my way, and I sent out a few newsletters to my subscribers that linked back to the site.

So, in total, the site received the following traffic since launch:

  • 1285 visits
  • 944 unique visitors
  • 4511 pageviews
  • 74% of visits were from Canada, 18% from the USA
The Google Analytics data for

The Google Analytics data for

So, there you go! I'd hoped for a bit more traffic than this, but I'm pretty happy with things, overall. Hopefully book sales are strong!

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