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"Scolding the Winds" Funding Progress

My Inkshares dashboard

So, we're just over two days in, and we've raised 25% of my goal ($2,180). This is exciting!

But I know we've still got a long way to go. The momentum is going to slow down, and I've already received pre-orders/funds from many of my closest friends, so now it's up to a wider circle.

But I'm excited. Very, very excited. This story is so important to me, and to have received so much support so soon is inspiring. Thank you. I'm so grateful.

If you've pre-ordered, thank you. You're helping make one of my biggest dreams come true.

If you've shared the link, thank you.

If you've retweeted or shared one of my posts on Facebook, thank you.

If you're just reading this, thank you.

Why is this story so important? Well, the main character, Riley, is someone I've had in my head for many, many years. She's my Nick Adams, or Kilgore Trout. She's my alter ego, my friend, my nemesis. She's living a life that's harder than mine, but she's surviving. She's my role model.

And her life in this story is not just my life, but the lives of so many others who've been hurt by family, by religion, by so many other things that are supposed to support you and keep you safe.

And she survives. She prevails. Somehow.

This story is important to me, but I think it will be important for others. For anyone who's gone through something similar, or fears going through it. Kids who are stuck in homes that don't understand them, with families that don't believe in them, or trust them, or want what's best for them.

Adults who feel that they don't belong, or who are struggling to make friends.

Everyone who wakes up each morning wondering if they really belong anywhere.

There are so many people out there who feel that way. I really think this story will help — will give hope.

So I'm hoping you'll continue to support me, and this book. Please share this post, and share my Inkshares link. It means the world to me, and many others.