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My #BigDayDowntown: Cigars, beer, wine and more!

My thanks to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission for giving me this opportunity! It was so much fun.

I was one of a few lucky bloggers to be selected by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission to take part in their annual #BigDayDowntown. What's that, you ask? Well, we were each given $150 (on pre-paid Visas) to spend in our city's beautiful downtown core. All we had to do was blog about our experiences, good or bad! Pretty sweet deal, right?

The only catch was that, this year, we had to ask our social media followers how we should spend the money.

Luckily, my followers know me well. Suggestions ranged from "$150 worth of candy from Freak Lunchbox" to, "You should buy your hardworking team a bottle of expensive champers." Shockingly, this suggestion came from one of my hardworking team members.

I finally landed on one that truly spoke to me, though:

Now we were talking. I teamed up with my good friend Amy for this excursion. First stop, though, was at the brand new Gahan House on the Halifax waterfront. 

We started off with a sampler of beers, which we really enjoyed! The Gahan House is famous in Prince Edward Island, so I'm pretty excited to have it here in Halifax. They have the biggest patio downtown, right on the waterfront, so I'm sure they'll do great!

Our beer sampler at the Gahan House.

Our beer sampler at the Gahan House.

The next stop was one of my favorite places downtown, Bishop's Landing. This delightful little piazza really feels like you're in another, bigger city. It's got fancy clothes, great restaurants, one of the best cafes downtown and, of course, cigars and booze!

So, obviously, that's where we went. We popped into Paul Stulac's Smoke on the Water, where its proprietor Rodney helped me pick out a delicious selection of fine cigars.

Smoke on the Water really is a must-see in Halifax, even if you're not a big cigar fan. It's a beautiful store, featuring a huge walk-in humidor, and an atmosphere of pure class.

A few of my cigar selections.

A few of my cigar selections.

Afterward, it was on to our last stop of the day, Bishop's Cellar. Here, we picked out a few delightful wines. Some big, bold old-world reds, and a couple from closer to home.

Bishop's Cellar is another spot downtown that whisks you away to a bigger, more adventurous city. The selection of fine wines is enormous, and the staff really do know their stuff. Walk in there with a thirst for a great wine, and a vague idea of what you're feeling, and with a few helpful questions the staff will send you away with something that you'll absolutely love.

Picking up a bottle of Nova 7 was a no-brainer!

Picking up a bottle of Nova 7 was a no-brainer!

With my #BigDayDowntown wrapped up, Amy and I headed to a friend's birthday party at Stillwell, another downtown gem.

It was a perfect Saturday in beautiful downtown Halifax! Thanks again to Downtown Halifax Business Commission for the opportunity!

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