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Big "No Greater Love Than This" Giveaway!

Let's give sales a "No Greater Love Than This" a boost after a few weeks on the market, shall we? But I need your help! Please share this post with your friends.

The first 10 people to purchase "No Greater Love Than This", starting today, March 25th 2014, will win signed, original notes from the story's creation. My story circles, pages from my notebooks, etc. You'll also get exclusive updates on my new story as I write it and look for a publisher!

The first 10 people will get the notes, and anyone who sends me their receipt will get exclusive updates on the new story.

You're thinking, who would want that? I don't know, maybe nobody. But it's all I've got to offer you! If there's something else you'd like, just let me know.

All you have to do is purchase the story (links below) and send me a copy of your receipt at This offer is only available for new purchases as of today.

Please, share this with your friends!

Purchase the eBook: