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400 Dollars to Go

Pre-order my new book, "Scolding the Winds"

That's it. Just $400 and my book will be funded. It will be happening.

I'm getting nervous, though, I'll admit. As you can see, pre-orders have flat-lined:

We still have 29 days left to go, so I shouldn't be nervous, but here we are. So, what to do next? I need to send out another email to my contact list, as well as an update to backers. Hopefully that will encourage people to share the link with their friends.

But, most importantly, I just need to keep writing. I need to focus on getting the work in, and making this the best book I possibly can. If this crowdfunding project doesn't work out, I'll figure something else out. This book is just so important to me.

So please keep sharing the link with your friends. Here's something you can write in your Facebook post, if you want:

"My friend Joel is crowdfunding his novella about losing your family and making a new one. It's about loss, love, addiction, religion, and hope. If that sounds interesting to you, you can pre-order his book here:"

On Twitter, a post could simply be:

"My friend Joel is #crowdfunding his new novella! Please check out his @Inkshares project page:"

So, thank you all again for your support over the past few weeks. You are truly making a dream come true.

Love you,